Towards Nothing

This website is best viewed outdoors during a walk

You will need a camera or something that clicks, like a pen


If you are viewing this page during a walk, mute the sound

Allow your own footsteps and the ambient sound around you to be your soundscape

To continue, tap or click anywhere on the screen and then scroll down slowly

Begin with an empty mind

Imagine the air entering your body, moving down into your diaphragm, travelling back up your spine and exiting at your head

Count your breaths in and out

As you walk, keep your mind clear

Prioritise seeing and being present in the moment

Be attentive

Most importantly, enjoy the walk above all else

If you see anything that makes you feel something inexplicable, click or take a photograph

Do not worry about getting a result

Engage with the moment of seeing and feeling

Your actions may feel pointless or purposeless to start

Acknowledge the moment that you feel something

Eventually, the act of photographing or clicking becomes an expression of your Zen Intuitive seeing in the moment

At that moment, a version of yourself manifests in direct relation to what you see and feel

In Zen, this moment is the actualisation of your true self – who you really are

If you take a photograph, the image is a visual expression and residue of your Zen Intuitive seeing

If you clicked, what you felt is the fleeting expression of your Zen Intuitive seeing

When you click or take a photograph, feel the haptic feedback in your hand

Feel what you saw

This is a moment

This moment and empty minded feeling are the core of Zen Intuitive seeing

Try not to disrupt the act of walking

The intersection of walking, Zen Intuitive seeing and the moment are far more important than the resulting photograph

If to start with, you feel nothing, do not worry

The more immersed you are, the more you will feel eventually

Practice and repetition are vital